The problems of a faceless freelancer

When you’re a body in a room you’re a presence that’s hard to ignore. But in the freelance world too often we’re just voices in the ether. Our emails come from nameless places submitting our faceless pieces. And when you’re no longer needed it’s so much easier to just cut you off and let you disappear back into the internet void from which you sprung. 

I worked for a magazine for a time. It was a one man show. A product of his passions and rigid opinions. Yet, ultimately, the act of handing over concepts and ideas to be interpreted by a different pen was not one with which he was comfortable. And, as you might have guessed, this feeling was communicated to me only through a long silence and a series of unanswered messages. 

He cut me off like a spare part or a trailing thread. It appears we sacrifice our right to respectful treatment and consideration when we work outside of the daily office grind. But I’ll pay that price for being a free agent. In fact I regularly pay it. Over and over and again and again.

Innovation Directly Proportional to Marketing

Innovation can bring a lot of growth to your business and it is described as an important tool of entrepreneurship. It allows making use of the latest technologies and resources with new methods to increase wealth. Let us have a look at the quote of Albert Einstein to understand the innovation and growth in business in a better manner.  "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got."

This quote tells us that if we follow the same old traditional methods of completing our goals we will never progress. We will get the same results, in the terms of revenue and production, if we do not adopt the new methods of development and revenue generation. This quotation can help a lot of entrepreneurs in developing better business techniques and getting better profits. Innovation basically helps in corporate expansion and growth.  

Unique ideas can help any company with the process of growth and attain a better position in the industry. The questions arises here that if it is easy to become innovative and to adopt those changes? If the answer is yes then we can ask further that how many people are trying hard to evoke innovative steps and follow then to achieve a better position.

We all know that necessity is the mother of invention and today’s dynamic environment asks for better business development tools. Bankruptcy and recession has become quite common with different institutes and organization and it has been deduced that continuous steps of innovation can help stand stable in this era of competition. There are two different techniques innovation workshops and innovation mining that can help achieve any business the desired revenue and production targets. Meeting and following the market demands is very important of you want to stay in the game.

Those who have understood the above content will agree with the fact that innovation helps in expanding the scope of marketing. For this purpose innovation workshops are quite beneficial. Through workshops it is very easy to generate new ideas and help in progressing forward with the help of team work. After the workshops it is important to establish a research and development wing that can bring new ideas and help in creating better marketing campaigns.

Innovation training is very important for the managers. It will help an organization in understanding its level of creativity and the potential they possess. With the existing talent, development phases and the competencies involved it will become easier for the company to determine its future. Marketing department is well aware of the fact that engineering and designing specific activities that can facilitate the employees and help them in handling various crises will allow the company to grow.

In the same manner innovation workshops will help the companies in growing through engagement, creativity and motivation of the managers, employees and directors. A better approach towards problem solving will turn out to be quite practical and this will help in facing challenges and expanding business with innovation workshops and training techniques. 

Brand Globalization with Brand Management System

There are various organisations and institutes that are facing a lot of challenges to stay stable and to meet the requirements of growing and progressing in a swift manner. It is an era of quite tough global competitors that requires proper brand management capabilities. With the latest modes of technology and innovation the life span of various products and services is being reduced.  Economic competitors on the other hand are increasing the intensity of cooperation and turning it quite challenging for the various entrepreneurs to sustain and survive in the long run.

We have also seen the stock markets rewarding specific brands that are able to show their passion and ability to progress forward in swift manner. Such brands know the techniques of making their space or use the best methods of globalization and innovation. In a response to the well established institutional norms, now brands are incorporating their quest for expanding the strategic brand charter. It is very important for the established business to allow their managers and marketers in finding the innovative methods and playing them for the business growth and development. 

Modes and levels of technology are changing rapidly. Now brands needs to make use of the brand extensions techniques within the same industry by paving their own ways and entering the best institutional environments that will allow them in growing. Growth strategy adopted by the brand and how it is aligned with the portfolio of the brand matters a lot. In the same manner it is important to determine the importance and success of any type of campaign for the brand globalization. For brand globalization and growth CEO, executives and brand managers should work in a collective manner to face all of the challenges and to devise a strategy that can help in sustaining the brand image. 

In today’s scenario brands can easily develop fresh markets and carry out different experiments to check the possibility of the collaborations and trend of growth cycles. Maintaining and facing brand globalization challenges is not an easy task, as it requires facing multipoint competition. It is important to monitor the social capital available, investment and resource outflow to counter multipoint competition challenges.

It is very important to ensure optimal localization in order to maintain brand identity. It is one of the most demanding aspects when you need keep a fair balance between defining and maintaining brand identity. A good number of renowned brands have failed in this regard, in the international market, as they do draw an effective strategy to maintain their brand and its globalization prospects.

Brand globalization and entering the international market and staying there, at a respectable manner is a matter of great importance. Most of the entrepreneurs are now trying to promote their products at an international level and for this purpose they must comply with the regulations of brand globalization. It also depends on the top management of any company, how they look forward to advance with the process of globalization in a strategic manner. Brand globalization will face different issues such as:  influence of foreign and local markets, legal challenges, political matters, cultural aspects and various expectations and regulatory requirements.

Ascorbic acid - Best for Skin


Though many of you might never have come across an apparently technical term ‘ascorbic acid’, it is pretty common. Several products are marketed everyday claiming to be rich in Vitamin C; a substance that works wonders for your skin. Guess what? The ‘ascorbic acid’ that just left you confused and the well-known vitamin C are two names for the same entity! Vitamin C is an extremely nutritious component of food with major effects on an extra-cellular protein; collagen. Collagen strengthens the skin and keeps it elastic. With advancing age, resilience of this fibrous structure is lost and with it disappears any former glow on your face. To save you the trouble of looking aged and worn out, regularly apply preparations teeming with Ascorbic acid.

In addition to topical jellies, oral formulations are also available. These are small tablets that have to be taken on daily basis to provide the body with regular dose of the vitamin. Vitamin C is a water-soluble agent and therefore is lost in urine, making it essential to ingest a pill every day. If, however, your diet contains adequate citrus fruits and onions, that should do enough good. Early signs of ascorbic acid deficiency include bleeding gums and poor wound healing. Luckily, these hazards can be easily eradicated. Decreased blood pressure, healthy weight loss and low inflammatory threshold (in addition to wrinkle-free skin) are all the many reasons to stay hooked on the nutrient.